Samsung Customer care in Delhi

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Samsung Customer care in Delhi

Samsung is a popular brand of consumer electronics in India. Its white goods are used in homes around the country. In northern part of India, Samsung Refrigerator Repair
Delhi-NCR region is one of its main markets. It sells its product through exclusive stores and dealership agencies. Similarly, it also provides customer support through different channels. Solid customer support gives complements the sales efforts as the customers are not left in lurch when its products develop some problem. This lends more credibility to its service.


Name: Samsung Customer Care
Address: Delhi
Category: Samsung Customer care in Delhi
Phone: 9811-3431-36
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

Samsung Customer care in Delhi

You can get support from Samsung customer care in Delhi by telephonic, email and chat methods. Be it refrigerator, washing machine, microwave or any other white good there is a centralized regional customer care in Delhi which provides online and offling troubleshooting for your immediate need. We have trained professionals in Samsung products in different parts of the city. They are well aware of its various technologically advanced modern products and can take care of any issue. Our services cover the whole city of Delhi.

SAMSUNG Refrigerator Customer care in Delhi

Fridges rarely develop snags. These are one of the most durable white goods present in your home or office. Unless the upkeep is bad, cleaning is not done properly, these do not develop any major issues for a long time. However, some common wear and tear can happen after some years of usage. Problems in insulating material of doors, rust, compressor issue and even excessive freezing or non-freezing are some of the most common issues that develop in a refrigerator. Feel free to call our Samsung refrigerator customer care in Delhi for any minor or major problem in your fridge.

SAMSUNG Washing machine Customer care in Delhi

Washing machines are used in every home. Samsung is one of the popular brand option available for customers who are looking to buy washing machines. The sales of this quality product is matched in Delhi by a dedicated team of after-sales support personnel. Samsung washing machine customer care in Delhi can be called anytime for reporting instances of malfunctioning of any model of washing machine.

SAMSUNG Microwave Oven Customer care in Delhi

If you have a Samsung microwave oven, you need to take care of it diligently. One aspect of this care is detecting any issue and getting it rectified immediately without delay. These are integral parts of many homes and offices in Delhi and find good usage especially in winters. For handling any problem of these appliances, we are just a phone call away.

SAMSUNG Dishwasher Customer care in Delhi

Dishwasher is commonly used in eateries, hotels and restaurants in Delhi. These are even employed in some homes for enabling ease of washing dishes. However, due to regular usage, the could be problems in any part of this appliance. Samsung dishwasher customer care in Delhi can be called to take care of any such problem of dishwasher.

SAMSUNG Air Conditioner Customer care in Delhi

Samsung air conditioners are one of the finest available in market, known for their high reliability and top performance. There could be times when these do not cool sufficiently or need cleaning of filters. Expert professional support from our Samsung air conditioner customer care in Delhi is only a phone call away.

6 comments on “Samsung Customer care in Delhi

  1. I am really mentally harassed by purchasing your refrigerator. I lodged my first complaint ID no. 3100541084 dt 13.02.16, many more after this also, & recently No. 1136538170 dt 06.02.17 which are unresolved. In this context you can refer to your mail ( dt 28.03.16) and my response to this dt 11.04.16 & a reminder to this dt 09.05.16, which are deliberately unreplied. Pls resolve the issue and answer my query and also replace the refrigerator as I can not accept a broken delivery from a reputed company of your status

    • Please call 30308282 with your std code. Samsung Customer care really happy to help your issue :)

  2. Please refer to my mail of march 15, 2017 for which a reply is still awaited. I only wonder if this is a custom of Samsung not to reply of complaints promptly.

    • Please call 30308282 with your std code. Samsung Customer care really happy to help your issue :)

  3. Why a senior official is not talking to me on this issue? you are just throwing me again to Customer Care, where I have already spoiled my enough time. It is quite funny. I request you once again, solve this issue at admin level.

  4. this is sheer nonsense on part of Samsung. Today again I have received a call from Call Center, who have no solution other than pushing me to get the refrigerator repaired for which I have refused several times. Why Samsung is not answering my question raised in my mail of 11.04.16? Why you are quoting the wrong serial no: 038U4PAG306999H, But on my refrigerator label the serial no. is 038U4PAG306260L. You are forcing me to take up this matter to consumer courts. This is my last request you to do the needful to replace my above defected refrigerator.

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