Samsung Customer care in Noida

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Samsung Customer care in Noida

White goods industry in India has many reputable names. From prominent domestic brands to the acclaimed international ones, Samsung Refrigerator Repair
there are plethora of brands to choose from. Samsung is one of the foreign brands whose products use the latest technologies for operation and user-interface. Samsung products are known for high reliability and great performance. These are also star rated for energy saving and operate on environment-friendly processes.


Name: Samsung Customer Care
Address: Noida
Category: Samsung Customer care in Noida
Phone: 9811-3431-36
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

Samsung Customer care in Noida

Samsung has well developed network of exclusive and best service centres in all parts of Noida. Many professionals in after-sales support function of Samsung products are well trained and skilled to undertake repair and maintenance work of its products. Our Samsung customer care in Noida is also manned by technically sound experts in their respective domain. Should you need the services of any such expert, feel free to call us or drop an email.

SAMSUNG Refrigerator Customer care in Noida

Modern fridges are excellent examples of high-tech innovations. Samsung is one of the leaders in using smart modern technologies for driving its home appliances. Refrigerators is one of these products. With change in product technology, it is imperative for repair and maintenance personnel to remain abreast with the latest trends. We employ some of the finest of these highly skilled staff who can take care of any modern refrigerator problem. Simply call us to discuss the issue with our Samsung refrigerator customer care in Noida and leave the rest to us.

SAMSUNG Washing machine Customer care in Noida

Modern washing machines wash and dry clothes. Some of these do not require much of manual intervention after input of clothes, detergent and water while the other do require some manual effort for completing the process. The former are called fully automatic and the latter semi-automatic. Samsung manufactures both these machines and these are used in many residences of Noida. With employment of trained staff for Samsung washing machines, we are able to provide prompt and professional services right at your doorstep. Make a call at our Samsung washing machine customer care in Noida for any issue.

SAMSUNG Microwave Oven Customer care in Noida

Samsung microwave oven is known for its top quality performance and a long life. However, there could be any number of issues relating to their usage or non-usage. There could be a dysfunctional touch control panel due to non-use or clogging of ventilation ducts with dirt or problems in radiation mechanism. For these and any other problem being encountered in microwave oven, you can call Samsung microwave oven customer care in Noida and avail of the economic and reliable services from our trained staff.

SAMSUNG Dishwasher Customer care in Noida

Noida is a place with many eateries and food joints. Many of these use dishwashers for quick cleaning of dishes. This enables these facilities to cater to a rush of visitors and save on costs of manual labour. Imagine the plight of these facilities when the dishwashers become inoperable due to some fault. Samsung dishwasher customer care in Noida shall be called without wasting time and for a prompt solution to the problem.

SAMSUNG Air Conditioner Customer care in Noida

There are many problems which an air conditioner can develop. It might be having issues in rotation or operaton of fans. It might not be cooling properly. It might even accumulate dirt on its filter which needs cleaning for proper passage of air. Call up our Samsung air conditioner customer care in Noida for any such issue relating to Samsung ACs and be assured of its resolution on priority basis.

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  1. door fault show in fully automatic Samsung Washing Machine. Sector – 76,NOIDA. Mobile No.9868114185

    • I have forward your number. If they don’t contact Pls try 30308282 with your std code

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