SAMSUNG Refrigerator Customer care in Faridabad

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SAMSUNG Refrigerator Customer care in Faridabad

Among various electronics appliances, refrigerator is one among the most important appliances. It is helping people in various ways. Without its presence, it is very difficult to see a home. When it is having such responsibilities, it is very important to focus on its protection. Samsung Refrigerator Repair It is in user’s hand to protect it from any repairs. It may be any product; the users are given more responsibility in securing it. If it imposes any errors, then users should go for customer care of concerned product. For example, since it is the Samsung product, then customer care of Samsung should be hired. They are familiar in producing various electronics. They are not only familiar in producing various qualified products, but also they are offering qualified service. In order to solve the issues as user complaint about, they are handling separate teams. They are offering customer care through various means.


Name: Samsung Customer Care
Address: Faridabad
Category: SAMSUNG Refrigerator Customer care in Faridabad
Phone: 9811-3431-36
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

Live chat, Email, message are the common form of communications. Live chat is the option through which customers will be given option to contact with the experts. Email support is also an alternative option with which the customer can store their complaints regarding their issues made with the products. In order to make the customer care as easiest process, they are also providing messaging service. Users can use this option to send message about repair of the product and get them solved. Users will be satisfied with the service provided by customer care of Samsung. They will solve the issues within few minutes. Their service will never disturb people with any factors like more amounts or more time. If users give them product and ask them to finish within particular time, they will complete within the time. They will never resubmit product at delayed time and delayed date. They will make users to feel happy about their product recovery.

Samsung Refrigerator Service Center Faridabad

If you desire a high level service for your Samsung refrigerator in Faridabad, then we are the right people to contact. We consider a high level service as one which provides a total satisfaction to you by being fast, honest, professional, economical and quality-oriented. All of these are our watchwords whenever a service delivery to customers is provided. Decades old clientele and largest network of experienced technicians in Faridabad testifies the level of trust we enjoy among both our customers and our field staff. Simply let us know the problem with your fridge, and it will be resolved within 24 hours.

4 comments on “SAMSUNG Refrigerator Customer care in Faridabad

  1. Can you please let me know what’s the power consumption in watts of the Samsung double door 890 litre refrigerator?

    Model: RS844CRPC5H

    Thanks in advance.

    • Please call 30308282 with your std code. Samsung Customer care really happy to help your issue :)

  2. MY Samsung Fridge not working. 30308282 not working

    • Hi Aaliya, Pls use your state STD code with given number :)

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