Samsung Customer care in Faridabad

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Samsung Customer care in Faridabad

Faridabad was an old industrial township and now a prominent residential city on the southern outskirts of national capital city of Delhi. Samsung Refrigerator Repair
The city has customer service stations for Samsung products at different locations that are manned by trained professionals. These centres provide crucial after-sales support to customers in case of any difficulty arises in Samsung products.


Name: Samsung Customer Care
Address: Faridabad
Category: Samsung Customer care in Faridabad
Phone: 9811-3431-36
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

Samsung Customer care in Faridabad

Looking for Samsung customer care in Faridabad? Well, simply call us for any problem related to Samsung product and our technician will be sent off in no time. We provide quick and reliable solutions for any repair and maintenance work for Samsung products, such as washing machines, microwave ovens, fridges and others. Most of the time, we accomplish the tasks on your site without requiring carriage of products to our centre. However, it is only in the rare cases that the latter is resorted to. Tell us what problem is being faced by you and we will work to resolve it for you.

SAMSUNG Refrigerator Customer care in Faridabad

Samsung is one of the most sold brand of refrigerators in Faridabad. From the traditional fridges to the most technologically advanced refrigerators, Samsung is a common name in every home. Over a period of time, these do develop some type of problems which could be mechanical or electrical in nature. We offer solutions for any problem in all models of refrigerators. Just pick up your phone and call our Samsung refrigerator customer care in Faridabad to tell us the nature of problem. We offer both on-site and off-site troubleshooting.

SAMSUNG Washing machine Customer care in Faridabad

Both semi- and fully-automatic washing machines are sold in Faridabad. Customer are required to take good care of these daily use products in order to keep these in good running condition. However, with usage, these do develop some problem or the other for which customers need to call the Samsung washing machine customer care in Faridabad. Some of the most common problems are of improper drainage of water, dirt and threads getting stuck in filters, motor not rotating properly and ineffective drying of clothes. There could also be problems in modern touch-based control panels or alarm system. We are adept at handling all these issues with ease and ensure that problem is resolved reliably as soon as possible.

SAMSUNG Microwave Oven Customer care in Faridabad

Microwaves shall be handled with due care and caution. In case these develop any technical problem, it is advisable to immediate turn these off and call the technicians. If you are looking for an expert professional to undertake this task, help is only a phone call away. Let us know the nature of problem by calling or emailing our Samsung microwave customer care in Faridabad and the technician will be sent to your place in no time.

SAMSUNG Dishwasher Customer care in Faridabad

With dishwashers malfunctioning, you have a real problem on hand. Despite being top quality products from Samsung, problems can arise on account of improper use, improper care and delay in servicing. Whether the issue relates to clogging of drainage or inadequate drying or cleaning, these need to be fixed without wasting time. We offer services of Samsung dishwasher customer care in Faridabad for any type of problem.

SAMSUNG Air Conditioner Customer care in Faridabad

Many Faridabad homes use Samsung ACs of different tonnage. Both window and split air conditioners sell well in the city. Timely servicing of these ACs is a pre-requisite to ensure that these work efficiently. If you want to get your ACs checked for compressor functioning, gas leakage or any other issue, you can call us for quick services. Let us know of the issue by calling our Samsung air conditioner customer care in Faridabad.

One comment on “Samsung Customer care in Faridabad

  1. Sir I repaired my Refrigerator On 20/06/2018. Technician Name is Mr. Sachine whose Mobile No is: 9650984645. he said that Fan Motor & Sensor are required to change and bill Amount 3800/- and warranty 6 months after repaired.
    I paid bill amount and he checked all things working fine, i said ok. but next day i see my refrigerator doing cooling as much as required for ICE and i complain it to Mr. Sachin But he saying i will coming on coming day…..this is continuous saying that he will coming but when he was not picking my call that i call again to samsung customer care num of faridabad 9811320394. He asked me to send bill of previous visit. i send my bill copy to that number. but he is also not sending any technician. No any action regarding this.
    Please look into this. i will complain it to consumer court as per your bill copy.
    if you not taken any action regarding this.

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